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Midwifery student care in action

One of our own chose to birth her second baby with our Gosford Private Maternity Services and she shares her experience, including support from one of our student midwives throughout her pregnancy and birthing journey.

Every birth and pregnancy journey is different, which is why it is also a great opportunity for learning when it comes to midwifery graduates and students.

Heike Bertles who is one of our Midwifery Graduate Diploma students couldn't imagine a better environment to learn and develop new skills, especially after recently supporting the pregnancy of fellow colleague and Gosford Private Maternity Services Ward Clark, Karyn Beard, who birthed baby Avah last week.

According to Heike, being able to support a colleague during their pregnancy and birth was a new and unforgettable experience.

"I have had the pleasure of supporting the birth of 20 beautiful babies so far but, there have been many more babies that have been brought into the world by obstetricians or via Caesarean section that I have been present for and provided support for the Mum and partner," Ms Bertles said.

"Spending time with the women and their partners in those hours, you form a special bond and I consider it to be a sacred moment that I get to share and help them through it so being able to do that for someone who work alongside makes it even more memorable."

For Karyn, it was an easy decision to not only have her second baby at Gosford Private Maternity Service, but to have her pregnancy be supported through midwifery led care.

"The care here is incredibly personalised and supportive, because you are seeing the same midwife each visit and you develop a strong bond with them in addition to the private facilities, the extended stay and the fact you can also access 24/hr midwifery support following birth," she said.

"Not only are you supported by your midwife, you also are comforted by the fact that experienced and dedicated maternity and midwifery, paediatricians, neonatologists and obstetric specialists are on hand if needed.

"Heike has been absolutely amazing and the effort she has gone to support me with my birth plan and prepare me for the birth of Avah has been amazing, I've learnt so much and so has she.

"It has been an experience I would recommend to anyone, learning and growing with a student or some of talented midwife graduates at Gosford Private Maternity Services is something that has made the start to our life with Avah the best I could have hoped for."