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Special care for a special set of twins

It was a case of double the joy and double the girls for this Hamlyn Terrace family when their babies decided to arrive in a hurry at 35 weeks.

Girls really do run in the family for local high school sweethearts Hayley and Jordan, who recently welcomed twin baby girls Oakleigh and Georgia, at Gosford Private Maternity Services.

Hayley is one of three sisters and last week became a mother of three girls herself when the twins decided to make an early entrance into the world at 35 weeks.

She is also no stranger to Gosford Private Hospital, having previously birthed her own daughter Malia, 2 with the team at Gosford Private Maternity Services, a place where her own mother coincidentally birthed Hayley and her sisters nearly 30 years ago.

According to Hayley, 29, and husband Jordan, 30, of Hamlyn Terrace, they couldn’t imagine their start to life as the parents to twins anywhere else.

“I have anxiety around hospitals and we really valued having consistent, supportive care and had such a positive experience with our first daughter, it was a natural choice to come back for our twins,” Hayley said.

“They decided to make a dramatic and chaotic entrance to the world and while it was a bit stressful, the team in theatres and Dr Shah made us feel calm and supported throughout.

“Being able to access continuity of care at such a high standard at Gosford Private Maternity is something is something we consider to be really important.”

Upon birth the twins were admitted to the Level 2 Special Care Nursery (SCN) for additional breathing and feeding support.

While they will remain in the (SCN) and under observation by the midwifery team for another couple of weeks, Hayley will remain at Gosford Private Maternity Services as a boarder mum.

According to Maternity Nurse Unit Manager Liz Herbert, Gosford Private Maternity Services are one of the few maternity wards that offer the opportunity for mums to stay with their babies in the same ward following discharge.

“We offer our parents the opportunity stay in accommodation on the ward and while they won’t receive clinical care, they will be catered for and be able to access their babies in order to be involved in the care, feeding and support provided by our skilled team.”

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