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A Mother's Perspective - International Women's Day

It takes a lot to be a woman in the current climate and for International Women's Day we spoke to our team of midwives including five who became mothers in the last twelve months who share insights and guidance being a woman, a mother and a midwife.

With today marking International Women’s Day we asked our Gosford Private Maternity Services team to share their own insights on how they support, empower and guide women and their partners through one of the most important experiences of their lives, birth.

With five of our own staff birthing their own babies during our first year in operation in our new ward and one due any day, we asked them for their insights on what it means to be a woman, mother and supporter of women in the current climate.

According to Maternity Nurse Unit Manager, Liz Herbert, being able to support her own staff as they navigate pregnancy, birth and motherhood has made the last twelve months particularly special.

“There is nothing quite like the experience of supporting a woman through her pregnancy and birth and it has been a privilege to work alongside these amazing women as they too navigated pregnancy and becoming mothers,” Liz said.

“As we come up to our one year anniversary at the end of April, it’s amazing to consider that of our team, five have birthed babies and a sixth is due to very soon and each of them have gone on their own incredible journeys during this year of hurdles and highlights.

“On International Women’s Day and every day, it is important to acknowledge the strength and power of women, particularly women who are carrying babies, enduring loss or birthing babies. Their bodies go through such an incredible transformation and our team are grateful that we get to bear witness to this this each and every day.”

Throughout the year Karyn (Ward Clerk) and midwives Bibi, Lynette, Krystal and Jemma all birthed babies and Midwife Amy is due to give birth in the coming weeks and that’s not all, long-serving midwife Christine also became a grandmother to not one, but two babies in the space of six weeks.

According to Ward Clerk Karyn, who gave birth to her second baby Avah, at Gosford Private Maternity Services, she loved being pregnant and being able to support women as they navigated this important time in their lives.

“Life in general can be incredibly challenging for women, we often get criticised for the choices we make and at Gosford Private Maternity Services we get the chance to really uplift and empower women by equipping them with knowledge and information so they feel supported every step of the way,” Karyn said.

“There is no tougher job than being a mum and woman in the current world. The mental load attached to this role is something no one can prepare you for, but it comes with some pretty incredible highlights as well.

“As the mother to now two daughters my guidance to them today and every day is being a woman doesn’t mean they can’t rule their own world and to take life by the horns and greet everything with arms wide open.”

Midwife Jemma, who welcomed her third baby, Jordan earlier this year said on days like today it’s important for women to be kinder to themselves.

“There are already enough expectations put on women without you putting them on yourself. Try not to be too tough on yourself or get too swept up with the challenges that being a woman and mother can bring, especially when you’ve just brought a new life into the world,” Jemma said.

“As a part of our midwifery team, we really do have an incredible job and it’s been so rewarding to support women and their partners during their raw and very personal experiences and to know that we’ve made a difference to someone else’s life.”