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New Graduate Midwifery Opportunity on the Central Coast

With applications now open for our 2023 Graduate Midwifery Program, we took the liberty of interviewing some of our current graduates, Isabella and Perlyn, to gauge their experience so far.

How are you finding the midwifery graduate program so far?

Isabella: I feel very supported and everyone is very accommodating. There’s more exposure so you feel comfortable in a range of different situations. The support from the doctors is great too, they trust and value you.

Perlyn: I’ve been given so much independence to learn, yet feel so supported at the same time. I did all my training here as a student, so I feel comfortable here. They allow you to develop skills to feel confident in what you're doing, and encourage you.

Why did you apply?

Isabella: It’s a smaller environment and I wanted to feel supported. I get to build relationships with the patients and coworkers one-on-one. I wanted to feel confident working in a multidisciplinary field.

Perlyn: I did my training here and enjoyed it. I was so supported as a student I felt like I wanted to continue working here.

What are your goals for the future?

Isabella: I would love to stay in Maternity and be more involved in theatres for caesareans and complex births.

Perlyn: One of my current goals is to gain further education in other areas of health care, such as lactation but also in general nursing.

What is some advice you would give to others applying?

Isabella: Trust your intuition, the goals and values of Gosford Private Maternity ward really aligned with mine.

Perlyn: Don’t be discouraged to apply at a smaller hospital, as I obtained just as much knowledge and a diverse skillset working in Gosford Private’s Maternity Ward. We are like a little family!

If you are interested in applying for the Midwifery Graduate Program, learn more below: